Wisconsin and Free Birth Control

Not 100% Effective

I’ve been piling up some articles I wanted to blog about and here is another from a couple weeks ago from the WSJ’s August 18th issue found here about the push in Wisconsin to:

expand a program that provides free birth-control pills, vasectomies and other forms of contraception to low income people (including the morning after pill) after the federal health care overhaul cleared the way to make the program permanent….. (and another gem) is that girls and boys starting at age 15 can participate without parental consent.

First, what the heck is going on in the beloved midwest (perhaps a naive question coming from a non-Midwesterner)?  I know Milwaukee is quite liberal but surely there are enough farmers left who are traditionalists ?  Have “midwestern values” left the building ?  Is the death of the farm and thus death of large families to blame for the race to the bottom of the social value drain ?  And it’s not just Wisconsin, we’ve got Iowa, Wyoming and Oklahoma joining the posse of states that have “broadened Medicaid to give extra family planning coverage.”

What about taxpayers paying for contraception for women whose incomes are closer to middle class income than poverty ?

Wisconsin is pushing to increase the income limit so more women can qualify.  Currently, the limit is $21,600 a year for single people-twice the federal poverty level-and that would rise to $32,490 or about three times the poverty level.

The proposed increase in the income limit to $32k seems a bit high given that Wisconsin’s per capita income is $40,953.  What about money for abstinence counseling ?  Nope, sorry just money to scare off unwanted pregnancies. As representative for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Richard Doerflinger aptly said:

To provide coverage for family planning and nothing else reflects a very dismissive view of women.