O’Reilly to Females on The View: Let Yourself Be Challenged


I generally don’t watch The O’Reilly Factor but because I’m always reading the news, I kept coming across the fireworks that went on between O’Reilly and the cast of the female talk show The View whose hosts include Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg.

The remarks which caused two of the members of The View to walk off-stage were O’Reilly’s reference to the terrorists that brought down the twin towers in NYC as Muslims.  Whoopi, for example, said they were extremists and Joy Behar who walked off with Whoopi said he was indicting a whole religion by referring to them as Muslim.  O’Reilly apologized if people thought he was indicting the whole religion stating that he thought it was well known after ten years that they were Muslim jihadists.

Of course, the new mosque to be built near Ground Zero and more largely the policies of the Obama Administration with regards to terrorists are all fruitful areas for heated debate.  However, the comment that I found most valuable was what O’Reilly challenged the ladies on The View to do when asked by Walters if he thought they were pinheads or patriots.  O’Reilly answered that he respected the women for passionately voicing their views.  However, he thought some of them were very reactionary with their pseudo-liberal ideology.  He said they don’t challenge themselves to see both sides of an issue and then draw their conclusions.  Instead, their opinions seemed canned and full of liberal bumpersticker rantings.  Like, “we inherited the problem” and “we’ve been driven into the ditch by Republicans” and “Repub are fat cat wall streeters who don’t care about poor people.”

So how does O’Reilly’s insight relate to what I think is important ?  If social conservative families don’t challenge themselves to asses their own lives with regards to whether God is really  at the center of their lives, how they educate their children, whether women should be going to a job outside the home everyday, why they’re not involved in local politics, and why they buy things they really don’t need instead of building up their savings accounts, we’ll be contributing to the decline of the family just like our liberal counterparts.  Albeit, we’ll be contributing at a much slower rate but if we’re not making major changes to shore up the family, we won’t turn the tide on the decline of the family in America.  I think the first big step is to bring mom home even if she is working from home.  Mom is the greatest nurturer and policeman for her children; she is also either going to destroy or save America.