Are We Educating Ourselves Out of Existence?

Very young twins

I recently received this disturbing press release from the U.S. Census Bureau–Census Bureau Reports “Delayer Boom” as More Educated Women Have Children Later.  For me, this is the money-line:

Women 35 to 44 (corresponding with the 25 to 34 age group in 2000) with at least a bachelor’s degree had 1.7 births, while women who had less than a high school education had 2.5 births . . . “Our findings show that a ‘delayer boom’ is under way, where highly educated women initially delay childbearing but are more likely to have children into their 30s,” said Census Bureau demographer Kristy Krivickas. “But these women do not fully catch up to the childbearing levels of women with fewer years of schooling.”

So, with more and more women getting a bachelor’s degree does this mean that we are educating ourselves out of existence?  We need a birthrate of 2.1 to maintain current population levels, a birthrate of 1.7 spells doom . . . just the fact of demography.