About the Author

Picture of Wendy P. WarcholikAs an undergraduate I worked full-time in Washington D.C. as an intern with The Department of Commerce.  After graduating, I took a job with the Bureau of Economic Analysis (in DC) as an economist.  I took a year off after undergrad and then entered a PhD economics program.

Shortly after starting Ph.D., I married a guy who was also in the economics program and we slogged our way through micro, macro and econometrics.  I always intended to pursue an academic career, however, when I found myself pregnant and extremely nauseous, I decided to step away from the big three accounting firm and the decent salary to throw-up on a daily basis.

My husband and I weren’t sure that was the right choice but I was doubled over every day with morning (all day) sickness.  So, I graduated and then 5 months later, our first son was born and I was hooked.  We were financially upside down but I couldn’t imagine leaving this little guy with a stranger for $1,300 a month.

My husband couldn’t believe how much we’d have to pay someone to care for our child while we worried the entire day whether he was alright.  It didn’t make sense to us.  So, we slowly started to back ourselves out of the big city (Wash DC) career ladder by choosing options that were better for our family.

Seven years later after many failures and tears, we are in a small town in northern New England with my husband and myself running our own public policy consulting firm and jointly homeschooling our children.


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