At the Office or In the Kitchen ?

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My oldest is at the big 7 and he’s not sure how he feels about getting hugs and kisses anymore.  Let’s be honest….he is the least affectionate of all my kids so I’m not really sure he ever really dug getting hugs and kisses.  It’s not his love language…his language is “words of praise.”  Any-hoo, I was having one of my sentimental moments today (which happens several times daily) thinking about some of the funny words my oldest used to dream up when he was a year old.

Our youngest just started walking so I’m constantly reflecting about the older ones and what they were like when they were 1.   I looked at this giant 7 year old and told him I loved him and he asked, “Why?”  Befuddled, I went with instinct and told him,”It’s my job.”  And he responded,”But, why?”  And I thought about this for a millisecond and said, “In case you forget.”

There are plenty of times out there in the world when we’ve been stomped on, failed miserably or been rejected by others.  We may not feel very loved.  And that’s when it helps to know that there is someone out there who loves you…someone who values you on this planet.  Mom (and Dad, of course).

But, it’s those moments in the kitchen when you tell your little guy you love him for no other reason but it’s your job to remind him he’s loved that have the deepest imprint.  He’ll tuck that in his heart and take it with him to his first date, first party, first job.  If you’re in the cubicle at work, perhaps you can call him from your cellphone but it’s not the same as looking into those baby blues and telling him….the visual imprinting on his heart and mind just isn’t the same.

The picture of mom’ s loving face isn’t the same as the cellphone call…just keeping it real.